About Us協会について




The purpose of the Association is to realize a society where anyone, regardless of where he or she is, and even if in a physically isolated condition, can communicate on equal footing in the fields of medicine, education, welfare, etc. The Association also seeks to provide support to people by utilizing an Avatar robot, which is one of communication tools as well as all of its related products and services.



  • 医療、教育、福祉等の現場における、分身ロボット及び関連製品の活用ならびに普及
  • 体験会、セミナー、ワークショップ、その他各種イベントの企画開催
  • 分身ロボットやその関連製品を利用したサービスの考案、企画、提供及び普及
  • 教材の開発及び教育現場等への講師派遣
  • 医療、教育、福祉等の現場との連携による就労支援
  • 高齢者や医療ケア児童の施設等における見守り



For this purpose, we are to implement the following projects:

  • Utilizing and disseminating an Avatar robot and its related products in the fields of medicine, education, welfare, etc.
  • Planning and holding various events, such as trial sessions, seminars and workshops.・Development of teaching materials and lecturer dispatching to educational sites.
  • Designing, planning, providing and disseminating services using an Avatar robot and its related products.
  • Developing teaching materials and dispatching lecturers to educational sites.
  • Providing employment support through collaboration with medical, educational and welfare sites.
  • Watching the elderly and the children receiving medical care in the facilities and other locations.

Other related business